Mexican Tile and Stone Company custom tiles | Order Form

Order Form Notice



Acceptance of Material: The customer is accepting all materials in good and satisfactory condition. The customer also acknowledges that the order is correct and complete. The customer is also aware that there is an acceptable range of breakage and waste that will vary depending on the material, and that it is not returnable for credit or exchange. Please check, confirm and verify your quantities and colors at the time of the order and pickup. Mexican Tile and Stone Co. does not allow any sorting or handpicking of any material. Loading Materials: The customer is asking Mexican Tile and stone Co. to load materials in customer's vehicle. We highly recommend customers remove the tailgate, protect the bed and move any personal items that may be damaged while loading the vehicle. Mexican Tile and Stone Co. does not secure loads. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT OUR CUSTOMERS SECURE THE LOAD AND PREPARE IT THEMSELVES FOR TRANSPORT. Mexican Tile and Stone Co. is not responsible for damage to your material after it has left the premises. The customer is aware that the loading of wooden skids or the shifting of materials will cause a certain amount of marking or scratching of customer's vehicle. The customer accepts this condition in lieu of arranging other transportation options. Return Policy: Special order items along with setting and sealing materials are not returnable. All other items may be inspected for return or exchange within 30 days of the original purchase date providing that the customer has the original receipt of purchase and the vender accepts the material. The customer also accepts responsibility for all freight and restocking fees. Installing Materials: The customer acknowledges that variation in size, color, shape and shading is inherent in all handcrafted Mexican Tile and Stone Co. products. The customer agrees to completely sort and collate the tile prior to installation. NEVER INSTALL FROM ONLY ONE BOX OR PALLET AT A TIME. Thank you for your cooperation and business.